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Postscan Mail converts postal mail into a digitized copy that can be viewed and managed online."

PostScan Mail simplifies the way its users manage their mail, giving them the flexibility of seeing it anywhere with guaranteed security. It was developed for individuals and organizations that wish to digitize their postal mail service and make it more effective.

This solution can also be applied to publications, documents, invoices, and other paper issues. Virtually everyone can use this solution: households, SMEs, charitable organizations, large companies, and community groups. The service is cloud-based, easy to use, professionally-looking, and efficient.

PostScan Mail actually receives the mail instead of the user. Upon receiving it, the staff notifies the user, after which he determines whether they would open it & scan, recycle, shred, or forward the mail piece.

PostScan Mail is a cloud-based and virtual mail management software solution, catered for all industries and individuals to use. With this platform, mailbox services are now simplified and optimized for improved email management. Business owners and managers can view their mail with relative ease and guaranteed security.

However, PostScan Mail just doesn’t apply to physical mail. It can work with all publications, invoices, documents and other paper issues. Less stress is put on the user since PostScan Mail is the one that receives the mail and screens it for the user. All the user needs to do is decide whether they should open, scan, recycle, shred or forward the mail to other people. 

This platform is suitable for individuals and businesses that require a digitized postal mail service experience. Here, you’ll benefit from automated mailrooms, which make your daily operations more efficient and manageable. Now it’s faster to scan and upload your mails with powerful features such as barcode scanning, intelligent mail support, duplicate management and package training. 

PostScan Mail works through three simple steps. Once your account has been set up, just select a mailing address or a pricing plan. PostScan Mail then receives all mail and package deliveries, scans them for you and notifies you on what you can do next. Afterward, just log in to your account and decide on the next course of action. 

PostScan Mail Features

PostScan Mail has powerful features for you to improve your mail management, including:

Virtual mailbox

With a virtual mailbox, you can benefit from less paperwork and more optimized workflows. This means you’re given complete control over all mail deliveries. If you’re not in the office, you can still check and manage your mail from any remote location. Each time PostScan Mail notifies you about the mail or packages you’ve received, you can review each one and decide on what you should do next. 

Mail scanning

This is considered as one of PostScan Mail’s best features as it scans your mail and directly delivers the content to you via online methods. It shows the address and the sender in an image, which means you don’t have to physically view the mail you’ve received. You don’t have to worry about important mail getting leaked online as PostScan mail ensures your privacy is protected. 

Mail forwarding

With this feature, you don’t have to think too much about getting spam mail. Only you get to choose what mail you want, where you want them delivered and when you want them sent. Just apply this crucial information to PostScan Mail’s settings and the platform will ensure that your mail will be forwarded to the right places. 

Mail storage

For the first 30 days of your account, you’re given free storage for your mail. However, once the free trial ends and you need a place to store your mail, then you can pay PostScan Mail a monthly fee. This ensures all important documents are organized and kept in a single, centralized location. 

A properly installed ventilation system provides a comfortable indoor climate, so that it is pleasant and safe to be in it.  However, if you install such a system and do not monitor it and do notair duct cleaningit in time, then a large amount of bacteria and dust accumulated in the air duct will enter the room.

Why is this needed?

The fact that the system needs cleaning may be indicated by such problems as the accumulation of a blockage in the air duct, a leak in one of the sections of the ventilation ducts, or a malfunction of the automatic control of equipment.

If the problem is not resolved in time, the user risks facing not only the breakdown of expensive equipment, but also with such things as:

  • Deterioration of the microclimate in the room and, as a result, deterioration of the well-being and state of health of the people in it.

  • A significant decrease in the efficiency of the entire ventilation system.

  • Accumulation and layering of easily flammable substances on the walls of the duct, which endanger the fire safety of the building.

How is cleaning done?

While everything is simple with the natural ventilation system and only a flexible brush for cleaning channels and a dust-sucking device is enough, then the mechanical ventilation system requires the use of special technology and knowledge.

The service crews first subject the ventilation to an external examination, then check its tightness and outline a plan for cleaning.

Mechanical ventilation is not only cleaned but also disinfected. This is especially important in medical institutions, since harmful bacteria can enter the ventilation ducts and multiply there and harm the health of people who breathe the air carried through them.

To completely clean the ventilation, specialists use brushing machines, vacuum installations, filter boxes and other devices.

If there is fatty contamination in the ventilation, as is often the case in public catering, then alkaline solutions, foam or steam generators are used, which break down fat molecules.

After the cleaning work has been completed, the service department checks the functionality and documents the results of the check.

Rest in Dubai is not only a measured passive pastime on the beach and wandering through the endless halls of shopping and entertainment malls. In the world-famous Arab Emirate, you can find more interesting activities, especially for those who love extreme and drive. For affluent and courageous tourists in an oasis that has grown over the past half century among the lifeless desert, there are parachute jumps, zipline descents over the largest man-made bay, unrestrained surfing, dizzying dune races and many other entertainments.


A very popular type of sports recreation in the Emirate of Dubai is skydiving over the artificial islands of the Palm Jumeirah or the Rub al-Khali desert. Such a jump, of course, will not only cool the blood in the veins, but also very picturesque, and photography and video filming are included in the cost of the flight and will be remembered.

The most popular skydiving center is Skydive Dubai. You don't have to be a professional to experience the charm of a free flight - inexperienced tourists are bound (literally) by a seasoned instructor. His task is to make the flight unforgettable and to make the jumper as safe as possible. Before the jump, instructions are certainly carried out, where, among other things, there are two main points:

  • On the plane, before taking a step into the air gap, you should not cling to the door with your hands - it is better to try to group.

  • Before landing, it is necessary to take the position of an embryo and make sure that the feet are parallel to the surface of the Earth.

  • Before the flight, it is imperative to wear special goggles, remove any jewelry, and also come in suitable clothing that covers your shoulders and legs. There are also restrictions on weight: a man should not be heavier than 100 kg, and a lady - 10 kg lighter.

There is no need to worry about safety - Skydive Dubai has such jumps on stream - a new group is recruited every half hour. The daredevil himself will not have to do anything - the accompanying person will take care of him completely. In fact, the function of an air diver is to hang on to the instructor and enjoy the surrounding beauty. And there will definitely not be a shortage of them: wherever you hover - over a majestic man-made island or a drying arid desert - unforgettable views await the jumping one. The center works from the beginning of September to the end of May, and in the hot summer, jumps are carried out exclusively in the morning hours.

Many people want to jump from the tallest tower in the world - Burj Khalifa, but Skydive Dubai does not announce the price tags for this service. The fact is that they jumped from the tallest building on the planet only a few times, and then they were recognized champions. But it doesn't matter! On the attraction "Mission 828", organized on the Burj Khalifa, you can very realistically feel the state of free fall, when the speed reaches 200 kilometers per hour, and the wind whips mercilessly flying in the face.


The longest zip line in the emirate is located in the Dubai Marina area. The one kilometer downhill slope is located at an altitude of 170 meters and is one of the most impressive attractions in the UAE. XLine Dubai Marina is hugely popular as you can ride at a speed of 80 km per hour and get a bird's eye view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

You can see the stunning beauty of the largest cluster of skyscrapers in the world every day from nine in the morning until seventeen. Filming with your own phones is prohibited here - during the descent, the process is filmed with a special camera attached to the helmet. The registration is given to the tourist (optional).

Extreme entertainment has certain limitations:

  • Age-related.  Children from 12 years old are allowed here, and the upper threshold is 65 years old.

  • Anthropometric.  People weighing from 50 to hundreds of kilograms and at least 130 cm tall can fly over the city.

  • Medical. People who are pregnant or not feeling well will not be able to descend. Also, the security will not allow drunk, inadequate and injured citizens to go on a flight.

  • External. You cannot fly in dresses, skirts and slippers. Shoes should be completely covered, jewelry removed, and hair should be smooth.

The safety of XLine Dubai Marina has received increased attention, and the condition of the track is constantly monitored.

If you are not afraid of distances, then get ready for another surprise. The northernmost corner of the UAE, Ras al-Khaimah, has prepared a zipline of more than 5 kilometers and consisting of 7 segments and 9 platforms, as well as a suspension bridge or the longest suspended flight in the world with a length of 2.8 km and entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The flight speed reaches over 120 km / h. In addition, it offers its own Via Ferata - the first natural climbing wall organized on Mount Jebel Jais. The highest location in the Arab Emirates is equipped with suspension bridges, many stairs, cable cars and safety cables. The track stretches for almost half a kilometer. It offers three routes of different difficulty levels. A lightweight version of walking over an abyss is available to beginners. Age restrictions apply - from 12 years old,

Via Ferata at Jebel Jais is a paradise for climbers and extreme climbers!


Not everyone likes driving with a personal driver - some prefer to drive on their own. And not just anywhere, but along the desert dunes in the vicinity of Dubai! For this, a special vehicle was invented - a buggy. The transport is ideal for skiing in such unusual and difficult conditions.

The most popular location for racing with the desert wind is the Great Red Dune. Be sure to wear a cap, comfortable shoes, and light-colored clothing before heading out to the desolate region of Rub al-Khali.

Further - only unrestrained drive, speed, stunning turns and dizzying views from the tops of the dunes and mountains hidden in the sands. Asand buggy rentalis a wonderful opportunity to see this country from a completely new side and from an unexpected angle. The ride can be done alone or in pairs with the ability to evenly split the driving and enjoy the ride equally.

The most successful option for such an adventure is sunset, since such a time is comfortable both from the practical and aesthetic sides: the daytime heat is already disappearing and the weather conditions are as comfortable as possible, and the view of the sunset drowning in endless sands will not leave anyone indifferent.


This entertainment became possible in 2018 and immediately attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. Heroic Odyssey is an adventure you will never forget. After preliminary briefing, the group is transferred to comfortable, equipped hybrids of boats with water scooters and set off along the most famous sights of Dubai.

You will see from the sea what most vacationers contemplate only from the shore. This is the Sail Tower, the famous archipelago of the islands "Mir", and the fashionable hotel Atlantis, and the legendary Palm Jumeirah.

Management of specific vehicles is very convenient and does not require special skills, so literally everyone can enjoy it.

A single ticket costs AED 690, while a couple can save some money by paying just AED 100 more. You can drive a hybrid on your own only from the age of 18. Children over 8 years old are allowed on the tour accompanied by an adult, while pregnant women, the elderly and people with Hero OdySea injuries, unfortunately, will have to cancel the trip. Also, you can not set off on the path of the heart and suffering from diseases of the spine.

Finally, refreshing drinks and fresh fruit are served.

Choosing Hero OdySea, everyone will feel what real adrenaline and sparkling fun are!


You will not surprise anyone with a ski resort if it is located in the snowy Alps or Tatras, but not in sultry Dubai. Nevertheless, it successfully functions in the middle of the desert dunes. Ski Dubai is a 3,000 m2 indoor snow park and ski resort. It is impossible to survive here without a special suit, because a stable temperature is maintained inside the region of -4˚С and artificial snow is generated. And this despite the fact that outside the complex it can be + 50˚С!

Children from three to four years old are allowed in Ski Dubai. The smallest ones can ride a sleigh or an inflatable cheesecake, visit a real fortress built from frozen blocks. For adult lovers of winter fun, there are deep ice caves, bungee flights at the height of a 7-storey building, and a visit to the Penguin Parade. For ladies looking for a slim figure, an unusual snowbike is recommended.

Five ski slopes equipped with lifts will give incredible pleasure to connoisseurs of descents from the mountain. Moreover, there are paths with a very high level of difficulty. Accompanying equipment and accessories can be rented for free here, under the roof of the huge snow complex. Trails for snowboarders and freestyle lovers have been organized.

Don't know how to ski? Ski Dubai has excellent instructors who teach all the intricacies of skiing, even toddlers. Well, after the frost you won't have to freeze, because after leaving there you find yourself again in an oasis of the Middle East.


If the desire to learn to surf prevails over all others, then welcome to Serf Laguna! This interesting location is located in the Laguna water park of the La Mer beach area. Foam, artificial waves are specially generated here, on which those who want to learn first just to hold on, and then to fully conquer them. A huge wave machine is capable of this, and the territory itself is divided into two sectors so that novice and already trained surfers do not interfere with each other.

The instructors at this water park are all sports champions, so you can be sure that from morning until 20:00 you are in the hands of real professionals. Just a few lessons and you can safely go to the abyss of natural waves anywhere. But, if you already own the subject, you can simply enjoy the comfortable surfing conditions.

After regularly attending Surfing classes in Dubai, you will be "you" with the recalcitrant ocean waves!


Kitesurfing in Dubai is a young but promising sport and entertainment destination. Many tourists are willing to go surfing with a special sail (kite) attached to the board. It is quite difficult to simultaneously tame the waves and try to ride the wind, but after going through the practical lessons, anything is possible.

In Dubai, there are training centers in which qualified specialists work, so there will be no problems with this on the territory of the country. In them, you can use the services of experienced instructors, or rent equipment, even if you don't need lessons, but just want to ride a kite.

Where can you go kiteboarding in Dubai? On many beaches, for example, this kind of sport is popular at Kite Beach. The beach is located almost next to the Burj Al Arab. Also, kitesurfers have chosen the coast of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The most comfortable conditions for this sport are from January to March. It is then that gusts of wind will allow you to enjoy all the charm of kitesurfing and get untold pleasure.

In a word, Dubai and the UAE in general are able to present not only the beauty of the waters of the Persian Gulf and magnificent views, but also incomparable active entertainment under the sultry sky of the desert.