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Kinda like the already existing guilds (Warriors, Ranged, Mining etc.), however you can make your own requirements and RuneScape gold your own activities. Just clan members could go in. You can place whatever prerequisites, name, initials and cape color you like. After pressing"Accept" it stores the data to a database so it is officially your clan.

How to use the clan system or How to make a clan IN RuneScape. To make a clan go and talk to Calladin. You may find him in the reception of Clan Wars. Clan Wars is situated in Wilderness, to the east out of Bounty Hunter minigame. Talk to him and choose the option,"that I wish to create my own clan." He'll reply: Alright then. Tell me exactly what will your clan be like.

And also an interface will appear asking you to enter information about your clan. It will look like this: Form your desirable Clan title and initials, choose your clans wilderness capes colour, type the minimum and maximal combat requirements (in case you would like only a minimal requirement then in the maximal, compose"138") and press"Accept". You will need 5,000gp to create a clan. If you won't have the 5,000gp on buy OSRS gold your inventory the display is going to be shut and Calladin will inform you which you do not have sufficient cash.