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I haven't experienced a dark bow personally and I'm not 70-range. I'm going to RuneScape Gold go by what other people have told me. I'm not offended, but it appears that you know absolutly nothing about ranging, and I don't believe you. The greater the bonus range is, the more you'll hit.

The dark bow isn't slow at all, i have witnessed it. The dark bow takes around 4-5-6 seconds to fire and it takes only 10 seconds for someone to take their bow. If you're using a dark bow it is only required to have 60 ranged. But thanks for trying to assist.

Sorry for asking too many questions. What is the value of limpwursts? My friend is interested in becoming a farmer, and has made the decision to become a member. Problem: He is poor and has low statistics. How can I help hime get seeds? (Assuming we both get members.

Do you think it is worth the effort to kill the giant mole? What levels do you suggest for an opponent? Are there any safespots? Are the slayer area (Slayer Tower, Canifis as well as Dungeoun from Relekka Multicombat?) multicombat? Are safe spots available? I'm at level 72. Stats:Attack 65 Strength:59 defence:52 Where should I train? I like places that offer reasonable money. What is the value of eggs from red spiders?

Each limp can be purchased for 700-1k. It is easy to obtain seeds by seeking assistance from thieves. A lot of people leave seeds at Buy RS 3 Gold Ardougne or Draynor. You can simply walk over to pick them up and begin growing limps. If you cycle through the patches every day, you could also make some money.

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By Bestmengqin
Added Oct 23 '21



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