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I have heard that all OSRS GP weapons are balanced. Is this the case for armor? AKA can I be allowed to chainmail an opponent who is crushing me and not lose my defensive bonus? In addition to medium helms, square shields have received any updates to make them more viable. I have to admit that the latest update is a bit complicated and I'm trying to figure out the basics. I appreciate any help. Thank you!

Runescape's Evolution of Combat update continues to wreak havoc on its players. As such the players of Runescape are hearing the battle cry "Adapt or die!" EoC players are firmly convinced that adaptation to changes is a good thing.

The problem is that people are toolmakers and thinkers. We are made to adjust the environment to meet our requirements. We must be able to communicate with others in the event that our environment affects us. The act of adaptation, in the sense of passively accepting what another believes is necessary, is being an animal. You get slaughtered.

There are two signs of the ability to think that show it: focus and flexibility. Jagex isn't both of these. Jagex is stifling about the way it is pushing updates to its customers. Its primary focus isn't on the people, but rather dollars. The issue lies in the way Jagex communicates. The Runescape forums lie at the heart of the issue. Jagex, players and others are able to meet and discuss about Runescape and then get it back up.

Jagex may think that Runescape can be saved by adapting to other MMOs. An interesting twist on the old saying "adapt or die. Jmods are restricted in who and what they are able to communicate with. It's not a matter for the duration of their time. They have the ability to speak to a small number of people each day. Most Jmods are likely to have a small selection of players they speak to, if any. These connections will have been built over time and will be "Yes!" Groups that follow the Jmod's lead. Fmods (some disguise themselves as Jmods) are able to stifle any discord in forums.

It's gotta change, Jagex old school runescape buy gold has to adapt its forums. Fmods should be dropped and Fmods made an appearance at Jagex. High standards of professionalism are required. Fmods should stop calling users "you guys" or something similar to that. Some Fmods are seriously destroying forums.

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