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Postscan Mail converts postal mail into a digitized copy that can be viewed and managed online."

PostScan Mail simplifies the way its users manage their mail, giving them the flexibility of seeing it anywhere with guaranteed security. It was developed for individuals and organizations that wish to digitize their postal mail service and make it more effective.

This solution can also be applied to publications, documents, invoices, and other paper issues. Virtually everyone can use this solution: households, SMEs, charitable organizations, large companies, and community groups. The service is cloud-based, easy to use, professionally-looking, and efficient.

PostScan Mail actually receives the mail instead of the user. Upon receiving it, the staff notifies the user, after which he determines whether they would open it & scan, recycle, shred, or forward the mail piece.

PostScan Mail is a cloud-based and virtual mail management software solution, catered for all industries and individuals to use. With this platform, mailbox services are now simplified and optimized for improved email management. Business owners and managers can view their mail with relative ease and guaranteed security.

However, PostScan Mail just doesn’t apply to physical mail. It can work with all publications, invoices, documents and other paper issues. Less stress is put on the user since PostScan Mail is the one that receives the mail and screens it for the user. All the user needs to do is decide whether they should open, scan, recycle, shred or forward the mail to other people. 

This platform is suitable for individuals and businesses that require a digitized postal mail service experience. Here, you’ll benefit from automated mailrooms, which make your daily operations more efficient and manageable. Now it’s faster to scan and upload your mails with powerful features such as barcode scanning, intelligent mail support, duplicate management and package training. 

PostScan Mail works through three simple steps. Once your account has been set up, just select a mailing address or a pricing plan. PostScan Mail then receives all mail and package deliveries, scans them for you and notifies you on what you can do next. Afterward, just log in to your account and decide on the next course of action. 

PostScan Mail Features

PostScan Mail has powerful features for you to improve your mail management, including:

Virtual mailbox

With a virtual mailbox, you can benefit from less paperwork and more optimized workflows. This means you’re given complete control over all mail deliveries. If you’re not in the office, you can still check and manage your mail from any remote location. Each time PostScan Mail notifies you about the mail or packages you’ve received, you can review each one and decide on what you should do next. 

Mail scanning

This is considered as one of PostScan Mail’s best features as it scans your mail and directly delivers the content to you via online methods. It shows the address and the sender in an image, which means you don’t have to physically view the mail you’ve received. You don’t have to worry about important mail getting leaked online as PostScan mail ensures your privacy is protected. 

Mail forwarding

With this feature, you don’t have to think too much about getting spam mail. Only you get to choose what mail you want, where you want them delivered and when you want them sent. Just apply this crucial information to PostScan Mail’s settings and the platform will ensure that your mail will be forwarded to the right places. 

Mail storage

For the first 30 days of your account, you’re given free storage for your mail. However, once the free trial ends and you need a place to store your mail, then you can pay PostScan Mail a monthly fee. This ensures all important documents are organized and kept in a single, centralized location. 

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The Wall

Jun 24 '21
Afternoon I check the PostScan Mail Review at the and was pleasantly surprised by the price, which is only $ 9.95. I have never seen such cheap prices. After that, I read reviews on Trustpilot, and found out that the service has a very big advantage over other similar services. Most likely, I will use it.Afternoon I check the PostScan Mail Review at the and w...See more
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By Alan
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