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A properly installed ventilation system provides a comfortable indoor climate, so that it is pleasant and safe to be in it.  However, if you install such a system and do not monitor it and do notair duct cleaningit in time, then a large amount of bacteria and dust accumulated in the air duct will enter the room.

Why is this needed?

The fact that the system needs cleaning may be indicated by such problems as the accumulation of a blockage in the air duct, a leak in one of the sections of the ventilation ducts, or a malfunction of the automatic control of equipment.

If the problem is not resolved in time, the user risks facing not only the breakdown of expensive equipment, but also with such things as:

  • Deterioration of the microclimate in the room and, as a result, deterioration of the well-being and state of health of the people in it.

  • A significant decrease in the efficiency of the entire ventilation system.

  • Accumulation and layering of easily flammable substances on the walls of the duct, which endanger the fire safety of the building.

How is cleaning done?

While everything is simple with the natural ventilation system and only a flexible brush for cleaning channels and a dust-sucking device is enough, then the mechanical ventilation system requires the use of special technology and knowledge.

The service crews first subject the ventilation to an external examination, then check its tightness and outline a plan for cleaning.

Mechanical ventilation is not only cleaned but also disinfected. This is especially important in medical institutions, since harmful bacteria can enter the ventilation ducts and multiply there and harm the health of people who breathe the air carried through them.

To completely clean the ventilation, specialists use brushing machines, vacuum installations, filter boxes and other devices.

If there is fatty contamination in the ventilation, as is often the case in public catering, then alkaline solutions, foam or steam generators are used, which break down fat molecules.

After the cleaning work has been completed, the service department checks the functionality and documents the results of the check.

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