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Open up Your MyCareer, especially with Buy MT 2K22 a profile that's completed all the initial tutorials. Then, head to Brickley's Gym located on your City map. Enter the building, and begin your first game by talking directly to an NPC inside. Right after your badge progress loads at the end of the match, quit out to end the session. Return to the game, and then immediately speed up your travel when you hit the bumper to the left. If the glitch was done right, the game will continue to play like you've never played the gam... more
Bestmengqin Jan 5 '22 · Tags: nba2k22
If you're playing PlayStation you'll be using the Square button to Cheap 2K MT shoot, while Xbox players will use the X button, and both consoles are expected to utilize an alternative to the Right Joystick, or better known as the Pro Stick. The primary difference between the two shooting mechanics is how precise each is. Pro Stick is more precise. Pro Stick is going to provide more flexibility compared to Button shooting. However, it's likely to let players be more precise in getting those perfect perfects. If you're a be... more
Bestmengqin Dec 22 '21 · Tags: nba2k22