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 It will not go anywhere. Blizzard, on the WOW Classic Gold other hand, should continue its efforts to push the boundaries and challenge players. Currently, the game rarely provide any surprises lore fans. Each expansion introduces a new villain is in the expansion process, then the players move on. Players always win, and temporarily suppress the power of evil. The pace of change may be healthy, especially in the expansion 9, will no doubt give fans another reason to try to enter the MMO World of Warcraft again.

Driven Blizzard developers announced that the latest content Phase 5 will be launched in the classic World of Warcraft July 28, with the task line quicksand scepter and war energy into the game. Once these two activities in a given state after the completion, Ahn'Qiraj keeper can be opened. Are you ready to try to pull your black MBT?

Ahn'Qiraj Silithus is located in the south of the www.mmobc.com scarab isolated from the outside wall of the pull of the city of the Kingdom. Huang Jinkesuen as a fortress, the final BOSS of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj prison - the two teams open a copy, once a condition precedent to Completion. Check Hurricane complete Ahn'Qiraj traile.

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