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As a brief primer, Rocket League's old system dropped crates after completed games. Keys, which cost a dollar a piece in bulk, opened them. Chances are, any given crate revealed a boring decal for a car you don't use, but they also offered the slight possibility of getting a coveted Black Market item, a category which includes universal Rocket League Items animated decals and showy goal explosions.

The new system drops Blueprints instead of crates, and crafting a Blueprint costs Credits. If you're lucky enough to get a Blueprint for a Black Market item you want, it costs 2,200 Credits to build. 

At $25 for 3,000 Credits, that's a pricey decal.t is technically a discount, at least if opening crates had been your primary way of obtaining new items. Unless you were ridiculously lucky, you might've had to spend hundreds of dollars on keys to get a Black Market item in the past, and it wouldn't necessarily have been one you wanted. Spending $20 on keys to open 20 crates for 20 items only feels like a better deal until I look at my mess of an inventory, which is full of duplicates and uninteresting wheels Buy Rocket League Items and paint finishes I'll never use.

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