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This profession could be 2K MT expanding, in line with statements that the WWE's Stephanie McMahon in a recent earnings call. According to GameSpot, McMahon revealed that an astounding 80% of WWE fans consider themselves "gamers," noting that this can be utilized by investing more into game development.

Speaking about the successes of WWE's mobile gaming, McMahon stated that the organization will announce a the new game of role playing "soon." It is currently unclear what similarities this new role-playing game has with WWE 2K games, if it shares any kind of resemblance at all.

Since the term "role-playing" is intentionally general which makes it difficult to determine the way this brand new version of an WWE game might look like. In the case of MyRise, MyRise career mode in WWE 2K22 did many things right in telling an engaging story.

So it's possible that the WWE considers the possibility of an experience that is narrative-driven and stand-alone. However it's possible that this "role-playing" game could simply be a simple mobile title similar to something like "Episodes" which is more like visually novel-like than modern, AAA game.

If the WWE decides to develop an enormous, high-budget, and expansive RPG on PC and consoles the result would be unique in the world of sports video games. Numerous other sports franchises, including NBA 2K, launch with the story-driven approach and RPG elements.

They can also be insufficient and NBA 2K22 MT Coins do not meet the typical quality one would expect from contemporary video games. A game of wrestling that is built around this kind of role-playing, instead of making it an afterthought, is sure to attract the interest of many gamers, WWE 2K22 fan or not.

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