YouTuber Mtashed warned Genshin Impact players from Skyzhay's blog

ZLaner shared a sweet moment when Lost Ark Gold his dad stream sniped him on Warzone.

In the dying comms the streamer shows nothing but respect for his dad . He even informs him that "that was beautiful." After his mission was accomplished, Z's dad did not even have to play the remainder of the game. "

YouTuber Mtashed warned Genshin Impact players that Yae Miko's new weapon , Kagura's Verity will be "worse" than people think. The Gacha creator of the content explains how the Catalyst does not work on all characters.

After years of anticipation, Yae Miko finally made her public debut with the release of Genshin Impact's version 2.5 update. It will be released alongside Genshin Impact's Inazuma hero is the brand-new 5-star weapon Kagura's Verity.

The catalyst's impressive stats have led some to believe it's"the next" Staff of Homa for elemental users. Genshin YouTuber Mtashed warns viewers that the product may not be as great as it appears on the surface.

In theory, the brand new 5-star cheap Lost Ark Gold Catalyst Kagura's Verity is expected to pack an impressive punch thanks to CRIT DMG's bonus and higher Base ATK figures. The weapon is said to be a good fit for Genshin pro Mtashed, though, the weapon has an ineffective gimmick. "Gain the Kagura Dance effect every time you utilize your elemental ability. So if you only got one elemental ability you can employ, like one like Barbara who has one ability and a long cooldown, she'll never be able to get enough value out from this tool to really bring it to the level of worth," he said. "If you aren't able to get this bonus, you're not getting a massive amount worth of destruction!"

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