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The world of Nba 2k22 Mt the Practice Facility begins to open up once you unlock the ability to pick your own drills. This typically happens after having played ten MyCareer games without playing the game in a simulator. This is an important process that you should never bypass, especially early on in MyCareer, as it helps you unlock badges as quick as possible.

After unlocking drills then you'll be able pick from a variety of drills that give you the greatest chance to rack up badge upgrade points faster. For the practice area of the NBA 2K22 Facility, not all drills are created equal and some are much easier than others. This is a list of the easiest drills to utilize in the MyCareer Practice Facility.

This drill is one of the most straightforward drills for earning complete points in NBA 2K22. Your player will just need to score as many three-pointers from the wing in less than two minutes to earn full points for this drill. Five misses will earn you two stars, and ten make will provide you with the most stars you need to perform this drill.

It is recommended that you possess your Sharpshooter as well as the Three-Point Specialist badge for the best chance of performing great in this particular drill. This is your typical catch-and-shoot drill that will help your child have better shooting and stamina on NBA 2K22.

Three "Work to improve your game" drills mt nba 2k22 you can apply based on where in the court you'd like to practice on. You can practice those three-point shots from the corners, top of the key, or deep threes. They're great for helping you improve your shot time and form within your MyPlayer.

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