A bit of research has revealed that a complete body will cost 270k from Megaomgchen's blog

In the long run, fixing is going to Madden 22 coins run over the cost of a Bandos chestplate even if only frequently utilize Barrows, but it lasts very long if you don't do much combat. In terms of training, it's pretty good, and fifteen hours is quite an amount of time. It's definitely worth it if can't afford Bandos immediately, as the initial cost of 1 mil and then another ~1 mil every 15 hours is a pretty good price.

A bit of research has revealed that a complete body will cost 270k for repair at Bob. That should be enough to give you how much price of Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I dunno exactly how to calculate how many repairs you'd use (mostly because I'm not in good health today) until you're at the number of 270000 (or less depending on whether you have a POH stands for armor) however it is quite a number of lives. This bolded text is to keep my ramblings from becoming boring: make sure to invest in Barrows.

I have approximately 7 RS Member Accounts that I received as a gift from an other forum. I'm thinking about a giveaway, but do I have the right to offer giveaways of RS accounts? If yes, then on which board should I make it? It's based on the exact thing you intend to accomplish.

Can you give away the actual RuneScape account? This is trading on accounts and is deemed RWT according to Jagex's rules that we adhere to. Do you have the ability to offer an access code for a subscription from an unpaid card purchased in shops? Perhaps, check out the following article for more information.

If you want to offer pre-paid cards for free, then it is not permissible if people do anything in return for the gift card. This could include however, it is not limited to, them giving you in-game items, granting the player real money or having them click links (and similar schemes) to get you an offer to refer you somewhere. Actually, asking them to mut 22 coins buy do something other than just quietly receive the code would mean it would not be allowed.

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