Slayer is a great method to increase your melee power from Skyzhay's blog

Slayer is a great method to cheap OSRS gold increase your melee power, so if you plan on taking up training, consider it. It's an excellent way to break the monotony training on one monster. Someone who doesn't have 85 Slayer, Abby whips are about 1 in 540, not killing 125 people camping. And the main profit in Slayer comes from not the huge drops, it's the small ones that accumulate as time passes, and clues, if you are doing them and if you are intelligent herb runners between tasks.

You're right, I do not have the 85 slayer. But, that doesn't mean that I don't know the basics about it. There's been accounts of not getting a whip drop in 4-6 hours of relentless killing. However, the reality is that the whip is the most rare drop. Every help site you go to will list the whip as one of them.

The chance of getting whips that fall within a 75-125 killing range is possible though not tipacal. it is possible. You have more of a chance of getting it in the 1-540 range. However, it is possible to not get one. Also, if you ask anyone why they train slayers, it's almost always for the large drops. For example, whips from abby deamons, sols from ice strykewyrms, and so on.

If they are able to get those drops most of their profits won't be derived from them particularly when it comes to ice wyrms. they have amazing drops, the SOL is only a minor bonus. The 1/540 is derived from the standard dropped (mite be 520, I can't remember) but it comes from players submitting the number of kills it takes them to achieve a whip. yes its possible to get in your range, but that's not the drop rate.

Helm of Neitiznot This is a old school rs gold decent 'balanced' helm, get Verac's/Torag's helmet if you're looking for greater defensive stats or a fighter hat to increase offensive stats (about similar stats to a Rune full helm, but bonus points in the Stab, Slash and Crush attack styles)

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