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Although he's now been released from the hospital after the game, Peter King's explanation of madden coins the incident on NBC Sports suggests it sounds somewhat more complex than we believed according to the Chiefs' statements afterwards. Of course, the health of Reid is more important than anything else. It's worth considering whether Reid may have to miss time due to the fact that the Chiefs are currently last in the AFC West and the Chiefs have dropped below.500 since Week 10 2015 and asking what the severity of this issue might be going forward.

On defense, Kansas City just isn't very good at the moment. Although the Chiefs have conceded just 352 yards to the Chargers on Sunday, L.A. dropped 30 on them. Justin Herbert and Co. weren't able to stop Justin Herbert on the last drive.

K.C. 's schedule is a little alarming as well. Over the next six months it will be a lot of attention paid to the Titans, Packers and Bills -- all of whom have been performing well on offense. The Chiefs are lucky to draw three quarters the NFC East in the same period without having to take on the Cowboys.

Even if the defense can't find a way to win, Patrick Mahomes' offense and this offense can guarantee that they will win by a minimum of 3-3 over that stretch. It's likely that they'll get something similar to 5-1 and that is enough to not worry about this division over the next couple of months. However, there are flaws in this roster and the majority of the division is playing good football.

Yes, in a word. Not because they aren't talented the way they are, but because Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence appear to be in potentially dangerous situations right now. This is the result of being drafted very early in the first draft which is that you'll end up on have a poor team. But buy Madden 22 coins these young signal callers will be under tremendous pressure early in the season.

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