RuneScape is now an experience that I do not enjoy playing. from Skyzhay's blog

It is interesting to hear that OSRS GP they are planning to create another RuneScape and I'm guessing they have not completely given up. As I saw it, RuneScape 2 was great for me because it was something you could play with any PC and you could effortlessly multi-task, and it had a simple yet complex scope to it.

RuneScape is now an experience that I do not enjoy playing. This is due to its no-trade or no-PVP focus since 2007. It is a diluted MMORPG that tries to be more than it is.

If the game were the same as it was before the Grand Exchange and all the other games, I'd play RuneScape while watching television. Instead, they took away what I enjoyed in exchange for improving it. It was not my taste anymore. The irony is, if I went back to OSRS, I would likely like it.

My issue is that I'd have to start over, and it is frustrating for someone who was active during OSRS days and I was unable to move my account to OSRS.

I was afraid of what you are afraid however, once I began Skilling I found myself hooked. I quit the day after RS3 release, and I have never logged in to the game. I have an account on Max Combat account that I share with some 99s. It's painful to login to RS3 again in 2007, but it's still a great method to achieve that Rush feeling again.

Restarting is a nightmare, however once I began playing, I could not stop. The mobile release has really assisted. It's so simple to play from anywhere. It's great to play while taking a break for lunch.

We'd love to hear if you are in the beta. What are your thoughts? Will you use it? If so, how did it go? Do you believe it will be successful? Are you sure that Jagex ready to face the mobile world, where cheating is just as common as in the regular game? I can only assume they're working to make sure that no one cheats, however I don't think they'll be able to imagine all the preventative measures they have in place.

I'm personally excited to runescape gold 2007 play on the go. It appears that I could manage the game that way, but playing in a sitting position it is not my style. Especially given the many other games available.

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