The World Wakes with Sliske’s help from Skyzhay's blog

Guthix, who is also God of OSRS GP Nature, could kill half. If gods destroy nature and kill all living creatures, Guthix might be half-dead. Guthix may also take out Zaros, as everyone knows. But, he's now back. Guthix is more powerful than Zaros. I hope someone who reads this, will understand what do I mean and assist me in my quest to bring Guthix to Gielinor. If this is clear and you are sure it is, please include me to RuneScape to your friends list. My character's name is One Ley.

He passed away, unless he somehow faked The World Wakes with Sliske’s help. Which I don't believe is possible. Guthix was the strongest of all the "normal" Gods, mainly because he had been exposed to the Stone of Jas powers for so long. However, it is reasonable to believe that he has lost much of that power after being isolated for years. You shouldn't believe Guthix was able to pull of such machinations in the time.

I doubt that he could have escaped death in a similar fashion as Zaros. Zaros' body, unlike Guthix’s, was destroyed. It is likely that Zaros was desperate to live his life at all costs, made his body a pure source of energy in order to avoid the inevitable.

As you probably know, Guthix did not experience this. Plus Gielinor experienced other effects that prove he did actually die like the divination craters believed to be the result of the Anima Mundi itself mourning for Guthix.

There is no equilibrium old school rs gold in the world at the moment as the outcomes of world events show. Chaos seems to be being battered. It has been proven balance in RuneScape is not a battle between evil and good, but more of a battle between chaos and order, and so far Saradomin as well as Armadyl have a win each which means that order has a 2-0 lead.

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