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The City is a large open area for NBA 2K22 MT players to enjoy exploring at their leisure. The area is filled with opportunities to engage with NPCs and complete side missions. It is possible to upgrade to penthouses overlooking the city. The City is now an open-world zone. It means that you have to unlock spawn points. This will make it easier to navigate through and will allow you to complete more activities quickly.

Players can utilize Spawn points to begin their activities in a specific region of the City. The potential to unlock them start when the side quest Unlock Spawn Point becomes available. There are seven locations for players to choose from.

The points of spawning are available at the same time when the side quest is completed. To complete the quest players must complete a certain distance through the City. The setting of the spawning point can be done on the City map by selecting the desired area of spawning and confirming it.

ATM A NPC, which is located in the City, gives the Unlock Spawn Points sidequest. Players must run 26.2 miles to get there. This is to be done on foot, therefore using the BMX skateboard, skateboard, or rollerblades won't count towards the total distance traveled. In addition, the person must be running, not walking. The progress indicator will appear on the left side of the screen while the quest is being tracked. It allows the player to check how far they've completed their run.

The distance covered is determined over time, so it's not needed to be completed all at the same time. Be aware that running on the ground won't count, and so continuous running will not work if there's obstacles in the path. All spawn points automatically removed after players have completed the quest and completed the 26.2 miles. A spawn location can be added to the map in one of seven locations.

The spawn point can be Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins set to alter the place where the character is spawned at each time they return to the City. This can be useful if there's a specific part in the City where players must return to. Complete the Unlock Spawn Points quest will also award players with 1,000 MVP points. Collecting these points will eventually lead to unlocking an apartment through the quest MVP of the City. NBA 2K22 has a wide selection of features and opportunities for the City's new generation of players.

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