New World patch adds Don't Be A Dick information from YYJJJ's blog

Amazon's PvP-centric MMO produces bad behavior among rival factions. One of the main features of Amazon New World is the ongoing struggle between three huge player-operated factions to control the island of Aeternum. Many players will buy Cheap New World Coins, and some players misbehave, not only harassing members of other factions, but also shouting swear words in local voice chats. Today’s update added a useful login screen to remind players how to treat each other well.

The more competitive members of the three factions The Syndicate, The Marauders, and The Covenant are caught in a never-ending battle, vying for various control areas on the island. For most players, controlling the land is everything in New World. Controlling an area allows a faction guild realm to have in-game settlements. Although players can buy New World Coins to get better equipment. But once in power, they can upgrade their defenses and crafting stations and be able to take advantage in battle. This large-scale player-to-player conflict is basically all the endgame in the new world.

When players divide the server population into three factions to compete for an island nation, hostility will spread like weeds. When two factions fight each other, some players will prepare New World Coins to get better weapons, but the global chat is still full of interesting but frustrating malice. But recently, when players start New World, a new message will pop up to remind players that there is a "code of conduct" that they agree to abide by before they start playing the game.

"Protecting the Community" reminds players that Amazon Games will not tolerate bullying, aggression, or hate speech. "Fair Play" warns against cheating, exploiting malfunctions, or selling in-game items for real money. Therefore, players will choose to buy New World Coins on IGGM to increase their wealth. The most "mutual respect" means not to be sad, not to pretend to be someone else, or to falsely report abuses by other players.

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