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If you are like me, then you probably own a few different models of custom guitar picks that you have fallen in love with. They give you so many options and yet you can use them in so many different ways. For example, I have a few of the digital printed electric guitar picks that feature interchangeable rubber skins so that I can change up which fingers I am using for certain songs. Also, the standard Jazz Jacks picks have a smooth rocking effect, but they have an open finger hole so that you can hold onto your fretting hand a little more tightly. The great thing about these Jazz Jacks picks is that they come in sets of two to four and each set comes with their own rubber skin to allow for interchangeable skins with ease.

You may be asking what sets these guitar picks apart from all of the other brands that are available on the market today? I can tell you that they are very affordable. When you factor in how little they cost, you are able to buy several sets for a song and not break the bank. This is the ultimate in musical equipment for the serious guitarist and bass player alike. Many times you will find that professional musicians use more than one of these picks in a specific song because of their versatility and fast action. Imagine being able to transition between multiple notes effortlessly with ease, all while giving your audience a showstopping performance that you simply can't stop!

So, whether you play rock, blues, classical, or even funk you will be able to showcase your unique skills by picking up a few of my custom guitar picks(myguitarpicks.com). Along with my electric and acoustic drums and drum sticks, I have also dusted off the trusty pick that I used to teach myself to play the lead when I was in high school. Playing lead for years gave me plenty of time to hone my skills on my own, and now I am using these picks to bring my own unique brand of jazz to my gigs. By taking my years of experience and combining them with my knowledge of music styles, I am able to provide my audience with a pick that will allow me to showcase my expertise on the spot.

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